Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Get Ready for the Beeville Health Initiative for 2012!

This summer the Joe Barnhart Bee County Library will be teaming up with community resources to bring you a county-wide edition of "The Game On! Diet: Kick Your Friend's Butt While Shrinking Your Own" by Krista Vernoff and Az Ferguson.

Be sure to check out the offical "Game On!" website to learn more:

The basics:

We will have several copies of the books available for check-out or you may choose to buy your own copy. Warning: there are curse words sprinkled throughout the book so we will provide a summary of the rules and daily logs for participants who choose not to read the book.


Participants must be over 16 with a valid Joe Barnhart Bee County Library card. The game will run from July 18 to August 15 .  All prizes will be awarded on August 18th.

Participants will sign a personal responsibility statement absolving the library and its partners from any liabilities (click here for form). We encourage everyone to meet with their physician before starting any new food based program.

Participants will pay $10 to join the competition.

There will be several health related programs and events held around Bee County that participants can attend for free by showing their Game On picture ID.

Each team will sign up at the JBBC library and pay the participation fee in cash at that time. Participants who are not members of a team already will be grouped into teams by the library.

Even though you are in a team, it is individuals who win the prizes. Being members of a team has its own benefits such as people to egg you on or exercise with. As the book subtitle states …  “kick your friends butt while shrinking your own.” 

Participants will keep their own records of progress and points earned and are encouraged to post to this blog about progress, challenges, and temptations.

Non-participants may attend community health events since our goal is to improve the health of community members, but they will be charged a $2.00 cash entrance fee each time.

Potential community health programs include: running/ jogging clinics in early June presented by Coastal Bend College's Athletic Coordinator Estevan Vasquez,  blood pressure monitoring at the beginning of each month taken at the Coastal Bend College in the Petroleum Building room U101 , and diabetes information programs.


For further questions:


Any comments that are deemed harmful, aggressive, off-topic,and/ or containing inappropriate language will be removed and the person posting will be removed from the Joe Barnhart Bee County Library Summer 2012 Health Initiative program without refund of program fee or materials.